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Phil Quinlan
2 goals in 17 appearances
Mike Quinlan
0 goals in 2 appearances
Mike Quigley
3 goals in 70 appearances
Tommy Quigley
7 goals in 16 appearances
Eddie Quinlan
11 goals in 51 appearances
2 goals in 25 appearances
0 goals in 7 appearances
1 goals in 8 appearances
9 goals in 86 appearances
Luis Alberto
0 goals in 9 appearances
Amadou Rabihou
0 goals in 3 appearances

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...which contains complete League records for every footballer from 1946 to 2014/15. Based on a publication recognised by the PFA and many others in the game, and the first work of its kind, this is the
Premier & Football League Players' Records.

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Use the search box to find any footballer you wish who has played League football between 1946/7 and 2014/15. All players are listed by their full christian name, surname, birthplace/date, deathplace/date if applicable, international honours, signing dates, playing positions, Premier League and Football League appearances, substitutions and goals as at 2015.

Footballers Born on this day...

  26 April
Jamie Paterson  1973
24 goals in 148 appearances
John Muir  1963
18 goals in 82 appearances
Richard Jones  1969
10 goals in 183 appearances

Todays Featured Footballer

footballer Sylvain Distin
born Sylvain Distin
Friday, 16 December 1977
Paris, France
apps 442
goals 7
position Central Defender

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